Loose Lips Sync Ships

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A podcast hosted by Raquel Hinson and Krystal Pearson, covering relationships from all of your favorite 90's and 2000's television shows and movies. 

The O.C. S1 E19: The Heartbreak + Gilmore Girls Revival Recap

In our 20th episode, Raquel and Krystal spend the first hour on Seth and Summer as they embark on their very rapid first journey through their first sexual experiences together and really officially begin the relationship that we love so much. After that, the recap of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Netflix revival began and there's about 30 times the normal cursing out of Krystal. Raquel goes down the rabbit hole of why she sort of relates to Lorelai but not really and Krystal complains of a headache more than one. We laughed, we cried, we aren't sure this was really necessary. But hey, this episode is under 3 hours!

2016: Loose Lips Sync Ships Podcast
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