Loose Lips Sync Ships

a podcast for shippers of shows

A podcast hosted by Raquel Hinson and Krystal Pearson, covering relationships from all of your favorite 90's and 2000's television shows and movies. 

Gossip Girl S6 E10: New York, I Love You Xoxo

Raquel and Krystal discuss the wedding that took too long to happen and the marriage that should have been kid free a little longer in the last episode of our Chuck and Blair coverage. Raquel also proves that she's the Hermione Granger of this podcast with her bevy of stats while Krystal comes to terms with her life as a Blake Lively apologist. We both give Dan a break for the first time on this podcast but we eventually remember that he's the absolute worst and go back to our mantra of "Don't be Dan, Don't Date Dan."

2016: Loose Lips Sync Ships Podcast
Memphis, TN / Los Angeles, CA