Loose Lips Sync Ships

a podcast for shippers of shows

A podcast hosted by Raquel Hinson and Krystal Pearson, covering relationships from all of your favorite 90's and 2000's television shows and movies. 

Dawson's Creek S2 E1: The Kiss

The season 2 premiere of Dawson's Creek, where Raquel and Krystal discuss Dawson and Joey and Joey's decision to be Lauren Conrad from The Hills. The girl that didn't go to Paris. Anyways. Pacey gets frosted tips and impersonates a police officer. Raquel gives out her usual life advice and does an extreme southern accent. Krystal says y'all and doesn't realize it and then talks about Tinder ghosting. Oh and Jen is absolutely awful. 

2016: Loose Lips Sync Ships Podcast
Memphis, TN / Los Angeles, CA