Loose Lips Sync Ships

a podcast for shippers of shows

A podcast hosted by Raquel Hinson and Krystal Pearson, covering relationships from all of your favorite 90's and 2000's television shows and movies. 

The O.C. S4 E8: The Earth Girls Are Easy

In our 24th episode, we discuss how it was ever possible that we shipped anyone with Seth Cohen and why we should all worship at the altar of Ryan Atwood as a boyfriend. Also, Sandy's pointless lies, Julie and Spencer are Newport's best Madams, Bullit is not getting laid but is a very good dad-figure to Kaitlin in the absence of Jimmy Cooper, and T to the T has a drunken meltdown that is awesome. Raquel and Krystal lay down the rules for butt sex, Krystal has a new podcast to promote, and we're ALMOST DONE WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP. 

2016: Loose Lips Sync Ships Podcast
Memphis, TN / Los Angeles, CA